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First Tier Defense is an innovative solution to help mitigate lethal self-defense shootings by offering an alternative non-lethal option, while still allowing for lethal force if required.


Developed to Save Lives!

Over 2,000 people are shot or killed by law enforcement in self-defense shootings every year*. Perpetrators are often shot or killed because the responder is often left with no other recourse but to use lethal force in defense of his or her life.

First Tier Defense has been developed to save lives without compromising the safety of the user. First Tier Defense offers a last-minute, non-lethal option for neutralizing dangerous threats in situations where lethal force may immediately be required.



About Us

First Tier Defense represents a breakthrough solution addressing the systemic challenges encountered by law enforcement officers on a daily basis. This innovative product not only offers life-saving advantages for police officers but provides the same benefits to correction officers, security guards, military personnel, and countless private gun owners.


Invented by a team of passionate gun enthusiasts and experts, First Tier Defense was meticulously designed to prioritize safety and efficacy. With input from world-renowned weapon designers, law enforcement consultants, and seasoned professionals, our product stands as a testament to our commitment to saving lives while upholding user safety.

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